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 Kalideres, Jakarta Barat

Product Details:
Our signature cake Mouette is carefully and technically crafted to complement Hazelnut Milk Chocolate flavour that is widely popular, but still with a touch of ours. Paired with the depth of Darjeeling and the freshness of Lemon to balance its sweetness, this is truly a cake like no other.

D 18 cm x H 6 cm

Gluten, Dairy, Egg, Hazelnut

(top to bottom) Hazelnut Milk Chocolate Mousse, Black Tea Bavarois, Cocoa Sponge, Lemon Curd, Hazelnut Praline Crunch, Citrus Darjeeling Cake. 

What's Included:
One (1) Complimentary “Happy Birthday (Name)* on Chocolate Plaque (Bar).
Two (2) Candle Sticks
One (1) Plastic Knife
*Acrylic Cake Topper (Optional with additional fee) 

Note from Maison Mouette to you:
1) In an air-conditioned room/space (16-20 °C), it can stay up to 1-2 hours.
2)  As the layers of our cake are paired to complement each other’s flavour, we suggest our customers to eat all of the layers at once.
3) The layers are not designed to be eaten separately. 
4) Please keep the cake refrigerated at all times. 
5) Our cakes are best consumed within 3 days upon receiving. 
6) Please write your name on the order note. If not, we will keep it blank. 
7) Please choose whether you want  Acrylic Cake Topper. If not, it is not going to be included in your order. 
8) Car Delivery only! (Use Deliveree)
9) This product is Halal.


Rp. 500,000 3 Day(s)


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