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 Kembangan, Jakarta Barat

Product Details:
A fun chocoland mini dripcake with a modern watercolour twist in a color theme of your choice. This is your perfect go-to cake when you just want a mini surprise party or to simply indulge in with your private companions!
Mini Cake (Diameter 10 cm, height approximately 8 cm)

Dairy, Egg, Flour

What's Included:
Mini Stick Candles 4 pcs
1 plastic knife
Greeting Card (Write your message on the order note) 

Note from Lelouvre to you:
1We suggest all cakes be refrigerated within 1 hour of non-usage/consumption.
2. Store in Refrigerator
3. Please write the message on the order note. If not, greeting card will not be given. 
4. Choose one flavor from the 2 options. If not, it will be made in Chocolate
5. Choose one color choice of theme from the options. If not, it will be made in Blue
6. Car Delivery only! (Use Deliveree)


Rp. 250,000 4 Day(s)


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