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 Tomang, Jakarta Barat

Product Details:
3 layers cake of your choice, covered in a silky vanilla buttercream. One beautiful cake it is to accompany you celebrating the many birthdays of birthdays! We will pipe the initial name of the significant other on top of the cake and pleasurably designed with buttercream flowers.

Diameter 15cm, 17cm Tall

Wheat, Dairy, Egg

What's Included:
3pcs of candlesticks
A Plastic Knife
Letter on cake

Note from EHAS to you:
1. Prior to any occasions, please do refrigerate every buttercream cakes in the fridge to prevent any melting drips from the buttercream.
2. To ensure best eating results, allow cake to sit at room temperature for at least an hour.
3. Please choose one letter from the options. If not, it will be made in M. 
4. Please choose one flavor from the options. If not, it will be made in Bolu Keju.
5. Car Delivery only! (Use Deliveree)
6. All of  buttercream  cakes will last for max 2 hours in room temperature as the butter will melt.


Rp. 635,000 1 Week(s)

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