3D Jolie Garden Pudding CakeJolie Jello

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 Cinere, Depok

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Jolie Garden (3D Jelly Art with flower design served with Vanilla custard / vla that suitable for any special occasions such as, birthday, anniversary, hampers, engagement day, wedding day.)


14 cm & 20 cm


Dairy, Gluten, Vanilla

What's Included:


Note from Jolie Jello to you:

1. It will last 1 day in room temperature, 5 - 6 in a refrigerator.

2. Additional charge for: Vanilla Fla (+Rp. 20,000), Regal Buscuit (+Rp. 25,000), and Mix Fruit (+Rp. 50,000)

3. Choose one flavor from the options. The base color will be based on the flavor.

4. We are able to customize the color for the flowers.

5. We prefer Car Delivery (Deliveree) for long distance, but this product could be delivered by Motorcycle (GOJEK) for short distance.


Rp. 170,000 2 Day(s)


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