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 Pos Pengumben, Jakarta Barat

Product Details:

Indulge yourself in every occasion with these 39pcs premium traditional delicacies, delivered to your door in our exclusive packaging.

Traditional delicacies:

2 Talam Srikaya

3 Talam Ubi

2 Talam Ijo

2 Talam Kelapa

2 Talam Bugis

2 Kue Pepe

2 Kue Bugis

2 Nagasari

2 Wajik

7 Kue Soes

2 Lemper Ayam

2 Dadar Gulung

3 Risol Smoked Beef

3 Risol Sayur

3 Kroket Sayur


Gluten, Dairy, Eggs


Eid Edition - Legacy Box Set of 39pcs - Rp. 175.000,- 

Eid Edition - Delicacy Box Set of 67pcs - Rp. 240.000,-

Eid Edition - Heritage Box Set of 85pcs - Rp. 275.000,-


What's included: 

The box and traditional delicacies

39pcs premium traditional delicacies

EID Greeting Cards Included, Please write your wish on the notes

Note from Gouw Heritage to you:

1. It will last 6 - 8 hours, store in room or AC temperature.

2. Do not put it in a refrigerator

3. Traditional delicacies are not able to be customized.

4. This product could be delivered via GoSend & Deliveree

Rp. 175,000 1 Day(s)

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