ÉLMAArkamaya Artisan Cakery

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 Petamburan, Jakarta Pusat

Product Details: 

A revamp of Indonesian traditional snack Klepon with a soft biscuit, luscious gula jawa, velvety coconut mousse, and generous coating of chocolate spray


Diameter: 16cm


Eggs, Dairy, Nuts

What's Included:

2 pcs of candles

Plastic Knife

Greeting message on the chocolate bar / cake board (optional)

Note from Arkamaya Artisan Cake to you:

1. The proper storage of our cakes is to always keep them chilled.

2. Our cake can last for about 2 hours on air conditioned room.

3. Best consumed within 3 days .

4. Write your greeting on notes or we will not include greeting message

5. Delivery: DELIVEREE ONLY! (Car Delivery)


Rp. 550,000 3 Day(s)

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