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 Pos Pengumben, Jakarta Barat

Product Details:
A box with alphabet donuts of your choice. 

Chocolate, choco marie, choco mint, strawberry, tutti frutti, green tea, grape candy, durian, lemon, black & white, soda gembira, cereal killa froot loops, cereal killa corn flakes. Flavors will be randomized by default, if you have a request such as "no durian please" please state this in the notes.

Gluten, Dairy, Chocolate, Durian 

Diameter: Fit up to 14 donuts for Large Box and 8 donuts for Small Box (Depending on the Alphabets)

What's included: 
The box and the donuts

Note from Wondernuts to you:
1. Rp. 9,000 / donut 
2. It will last 2 - 3 days, store in room or AC temperature.
3. Do not put it in a refrigerator
4. Please choose and mix the flavors from the picture above. If not, it will be made in random. 
5. Write your flavors and message on the order note. If not, it will be made in random. 
6. This product could be delivered via GOSEND & DELIVEREE

Rp. 9,000 2 Day(s)


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