Creamy Flower Cake Cheeschoccake

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 Gambir, Jakarta Pusat

Product Details:
Moist 3 layers sponge cake with special recipe; covered with delicious cream and creamy flower decoration on top

Eggs, Milk, Chocolate

14cm (Diameter)
-/+ 13cm (Tall)

What's included: 
3 pcs of stick candles 
Plastic Knife
Greetings / message on the cake board. 

Note from Cheeschoccake to you:
1. Message on cake Max. 25 characters. Please write it on the order note. 
2. Immediate store the cake to refrigerator
3. The decorations are handmade from delicious cream ; all edible
4. 24 hours in room temperature; after that better stored in refrigerator with the cake box too .
5. Please choose one flavor from the options. If not, it will be made in Chocolate.
6. Please write the message on the order note. If not, it will be made in blank. 
7. This product can be delivered by  Deliveree


Rp. 300,000 2 Day(s)

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