4 Seasons CakeCheeschoccake

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 Gambir, Jakarta Pusat

Product Details:
Four unique tasteful of cakes (Avocado Chocolate, Truffle, Opera and Blueberry/Strawberry Cheese Cake)
Eggs, Milk, Chocolate

20cm x 20cm (Square)
-/+ 5cm (Tall) 

What's included: 
5 pcs of stick candles 
Plastic Knife
 Additional writing of Birthday’s Name (if any) on chocolate bar.

Note from Cheeschoccake to you:
1. Message on cake Max. 25 characters. Please write it on the order note. 
2. Immediate store the cake to refrigerator
3. This cake could last up to 4 days, inside the refrigerator.
4. 3 hours in room temperature; after that better stored in refrigerator with the cake box too.
5. Please choose one size from the options. If not, it will be made in 20 x 20 cm. 
6. Please write the message on the order note. If not, it will be made in blank. 
7. This product can be delivered by GO-SEND / Deliveree


Rp. 275,000 4 Hour(s)

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