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 Duri Kosambi, Jakarta Barat

Product Details:
Sweetbrothers is the best custom cake in town. Our expertise: ButterCream Cake, 4d character cake (with sound), 3d character cake, 2d character cake , Custom fondant cake, Smash cake / Pinata Cake, Money pull cake, Initial cake and Artisan cake that suits for birthday, anniversary, 1st month baby, bridal shower or to be the best gift for the one you loved.

Dairy, Egg, Gluten

Diameter: 20cm | Height: +/- 28cm

What's included: 
Showcase box
Plastic Knife
Greetings on the chocolate bar

Note from Sweet Borthers to you:
1. Cake will last 4 - 5 days in 25 degrees celcius room temperature. 
2. How to open the box: position your finger infront of the box, then open it vertically and slowly. 
3. Please write your message on the order note. It it now, the message will not be written.
4. Choose one flavor from the options. If not, it will be made in Chocolate. 
5. Additional Rp.50,000 to make this cake as a Money Cake.
6. CAR DELIVERY ONLY!! (Use Deliveree). 

Rp. 380,000 1 Day(s)


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